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Harbour MiniGUI 2.0 ALPHA BUILD 008 Publicado

Harbour MiniGUI


He publicado un nuevo build de HMG  2.0 con soluciones a varios bugs reportados por los usuarios.

Estos son los detalles:

Harbour MiniGUI 2.0 ALPHA BUILD 008 Changelog:

- Fixed: BROWSE repositioning (row/col properties) problems.

- Fixed: DYNAMICFORECOLOR, INPUTMASK and FORMAT properties not available in splitchild BROWSE (standard syntax).

- Fixed: BROWSE (valid property) xHarbour compatibility issue.

- Fixed: GRID. Edit problems when grid is inside tab.

- Fixed: STATUSBAR control. RELEASE method problems when CLOCK or KEYBOARD items are used.

- Fixed: STATUSBAR control. When created outside of WINDOW...END WINDOW structure and CLOCK / KEYBOARD special items are used a runtime error on internal timers creation arises.

- Fixed: IMAGE control. Memory leak at PICTURE property change.