Harbour Minigui

Nuevos Build de HMG 2.0 y del IDE

Harbour MiniGUI


He publicado nuevos builds de HMG e IDE.

Este es el 'ChangeLog' para ambos:

Harbour MiniGUI 2.0 ALPHA BUILD 007 Changelog:

- Fixed: When toolbar button is disabled, hot key associated to the button (if any) was not deactivated.

- Fixed/Updated: MySql access libraries. MySql support is working now for LibMySql.dll distributed with 4.1 and 5.0 MySql versions.

- Changed: ADS support libraries will be not included in main HMG distribution nor linked by default anymore. These libraries will be available for download separately.

- Updated: Harbour compiler binaries. This build solves various known problems and includes new features like SWITCH and FOR EACH structures and support for date constants. Look at \hmg\harbour\changelog.txt for details.


  • Harbour MiniGUI IDE 2.0 Build 2005.12.08 ChangeLog:

    - Updated: ADS support libraries are not linked by default anymore. You must add it as optional libraries in 'Preferences' window (synched with HMG 2.0 build 007).